You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

ImageI started this blog around 7 years ago.  Way back when I was a 21 year old, spoiled Red Sox fan, without a care in the world.  Fast forward 7 years—-  married?  Yep,  Kids?  2 girls, with the 3rd on the way this July.  Red Sox fan?  No.  Well not a very good one if I am.  See for the past three or four seasons, I have all but completely checked out when it comes to the Red Sox, and baseball in general.  But as of the all-star break last season, I’ve been pulled back to the game of baseball.  But what about those pesky issues with the Red Sox?

Here’s the boring “bio” that nobody cares about:  I’m a born and bred Red Sox fan (like anyone admits to being a bandwagoner).  Although a native to the fair Metro Detroit area and having a soft spot for the Tigers of Bobby Higginson and Tiger Stadium.  The truth is my dad’s from Brockton, and I was indoctrinated into the dreary landscape of Boston sports franchises.  Although since moving to North Carolina in 1999, I’ve managed to successfully take the Hurricanes and Bobcats on in the NBA & NHL.  No coincidence that those are the two sports I watch very rarely.

So I had no choice in my sporting alleigences, and I love the teams.  Only one problem.  Outside of my beloved father, I have yet to meet another fan of said teams that I can actually stand.  I don’t have that necessary common link that seems to bind those members of that wonderful marketing creation known as “Red Sox Nation”.  I used to think it was because I didn’t like the idea that somehow “my” team was as popular as the Yankees (with the crescendo being the 2003 & 2004 seasons).  But that never seemed to really be it.  What it finally seems to be is that, while I love the connection the Red Sox have given my father and I.  I just don’t feel like they’re “my team”, whatever that is supposed to feel like.  From being very young and only enjoying the players, not really caring about the final scores or standings.  To becoming almost too obsessed about the club, and even shedding a couple of macho tears along the way.  So why the sudden break away from such a very large part of my first 25 years on this planet?  I’ve probably just plain thought myself out of enjoying something I love.

I realize that instead of just loving the ball club and enjoying the beauty of the game, I let any and every outside annoyance basically push me away from the club.

So how do you learn to love something again?  Well if it is possible, that’s exactly what I hope to find out in the 2013 Boston Red Sox.  Using this blog as a kind of log of what if not entertaining, might just be therapeutic.  This will be the first and last post of the Freudian variety, from here on out baseball.  Musings, poorly thought out analysis and other jumbled thoughts.

We had a love…a love…a love you don’t find everyday.

So don’t…don’t…don’t…don’t let it slip away.